Sixth Form

Shaping future leaders

Upper and Lower Sixth Form students at Stonyhurst are the leaders of the school community and are expected to uphold extremely high expectations. Service to others is a key foundation on which a Jesuit education rests and our students will be actively involved with a range of projects at school and in the wider community. In Sixth Form, students will receive the personal support and rigorous academic excellence required to excel in the A-level examinations.

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Service to others is a key foundation on which a Jesuit education rests and our students will be actively involved with a range of projects at school and in the wider community.

Years 12 & 13

Sixth Form


Years 12 & 13


17 – 18

Years 12 & 13

Sixth Form

Life beyond the classroom

Sixth Form life is fast paced and varied. While we encourage our students to work hard academically, life at Stonyhurst extends far beyond the classroom. We recognise the importance of developing the whole individual so that our boys and girls are well-rounded, confident and ready to succeed in the real world.

Subjects Involved in Sixth Form

Service to others is a key foundation on which a Jesuit education rests and our students will be actively involved with a range of projects both within the school and in the wider community.

A Typical Day at Sixth Form

The school day begins at 08:00 with our daily Tutor period. We will welcome students onto site from 7:50 when the gate is opened. During the drop-off window, children may enjoy socialisation with their friends and prepare for the start of the day. Lessons begin at 08:20 and the formal teaching day ends at 15:15 in the Junior School, following which students are warmly encouraged to stay for a Co-Curricular Activity (CCA).

Reception – Year 6
08:00 – 08:20
Welcome and Registration
Welcome and Registration
08:20 – 09:10
Period 1
Period 1
09:10 – 09:50
Period 2
Period 2
09:50 – 10:10
Junior School Break
Junior School Break
10:10 – 11:10
Period 3
Period 3
11:10 – 12:00
Period 4
Period 4
12:00 – 12:50
Junior School Lunch and Play
Junior School Lunch and Play
12:50 – 13:40
End of Nursery day 1pm (Optional stay and play)
Period 5
13:40 – 14:30
End of Nursery day 1pm (Optional stay and play)
Period 6
14:30 – 15:15
Junior School Rise and Shine Period
Junior School Rise and Shine Period
15:20 – 16:20
CCAs Year 1 – Year 6
*Key stage 1 and 2 parents should agree the number of sessions before term commences and pick-up will be at the end of the relevant session. Sessions can be added to during a term if there is availability.

Key Staff Members

Mrs Kerry Moore

Director of Curriculum and Academic Advancement, Head of Assessment, Data and Timetable (Whole School)

Mr Elvis Ho


Ms Teh Yeu Shu


Mrs Sophie Wei

Head of Mandarin

Ms Rinosa Segaran


Mrs Rabiahtul Bazariah Binti Mohd Makthum

Head of Malay

Mr Daniel Husbands


Mrs Dawn Lee


Mr Mark Lee

Assistant Head of Senior Pastoral

Mr Jack Richardson


Dr Athar Shah


Ms Shurutishria a/p Ramakrishnan

Cover Teacher and IGCSE Science Teacher

Mr Neil Pettitt

Head of Science

Mr Sam Blundell


Mr Anton Bush

External Examination Officer/University Counsellor

Ms Vityashinee a/p Muniandy

EAL Teacher

Mr Jet Lim

Swimming Coach

Mr Rhys Jones

Physical Education

Mr Luke Loveridge

Physical Education

Mr Ian Armstrong

Head of CCAs and Service Learning (Whole School)
Physical Education

Ms Santhalakshmy Madhavan

ICT/Computer Science

Ms Rachel Musgrove


Mr Nicholas Umpleby

Assistant Head Senior Academics

Mrs Sitra Govindarajoo

Business & Economics

Ms Natrah Binti Mohamad Ali


Mr Peter Stallard


Ms Molly Burbridge

Service Learning Coordinator (Whole School)

Mr Neil Grahame

Head of English

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Prep Programme in Year 6

At Stonyhurst International School, Penang we have two Schools, the Junior School and the Senior School. The Junior School consists of the EYFS, KS1 and KS2 UK national curriculum and the Senior School is working towards the IGCSE and A-Level examinations. Traditionally, the move from Junior School to Senior School can be a difficult time for students. We have tried to ease this transition through a strong shared ethos across both schools, a consistent pastoral framework and our Coaching programme. In addition, we have developed our Prep programme for all of our Year 6 students.
‘Prep’ is short for preparatory; the literal meaning of this is to prepare for a task. We recognise that to make the most out of their time in the Senior School, our Year 6 students need this opportunity to prepare for this next phase in their academic journey. The following highlights some of the strategies we have put in place for our Prep programme:
  • Year 6 will be taught by specialist teachers in specialist classrooms for the many of their lessons – including Maths and Science
  • Year 6 will be a part of the Senior School Coaching programme, coached by an older student in Year 8 or 9 as part of their Lines
  • Year 6 will begin interacting with their Line tutor groups over the course of the year during tutor time
  • Year 6 students will move from attending our Junior School assembly to attending our Senior School assembly over the course of the year
However, we recognise that the students still have valuable experiences to gain from being the oldest and most mature members of the Junior School. Therefore, in addition to the time they spend in the Senior School, they will also experience an important continuation of their time in the Junior School. This will include:
  • The continuation of the IPC as their central curriculum
  • The continuation of exit point celebrations involving parents and / or the wider School community
  • Junior School positions of responsibility
Through the Prep programme we aim to bridge the gap between the two Schools, including their curriculums and logistics. This will allow any potential issues this may pose to our Year 6 students to be highlighted and handled through our team in a nurturing way, eliminating any nerves they may have regarding the next step in their education. Moreover, for the majority of our students, Year 6 Prep will be a time of excitement, where they get to experience the joy of working with our outstanding Senior School specialists and being inspired by their subject knowledge and enthusiasm.
Junior School

Areas of learning for Key Stage 1 & 2

Covering everything from core subjects to co-curricular activities, Key Stage 1 & 2 offers the ideal pathway to Senior School and beyond.



Our English reading scheme in Reception provides students with the systematic building blocks of the English language in a fun and dynamic way with Big Cat Phonics. With levelled reading books aligned to each individual child’s abilities, we are able to gradually improve their comprehension.

Once they have more confidence, we cultivate a genuine love for reading through whole class reading sessions. As independent learners, they are encouraged to explore our well-stocked library and turn reading into a lifelong passion.


Our teachers use the proven framework, Talk for Writing, to inspire students to unlock their potential as writers. At the start of each unit, students are assessed in order to craft a learning journey of imitation, innovation and invention. The topics for these units are linked to the IPC and students’ own interests to ensure that their writing has a real purpose.

Alongside the creative element of writing, key skills are developed. In Reception and Year 1 pupils learn to write in lowercase. When the pupils develop control, the remainder of their time in KS1 focuses on introducing a flowing, cursive style that encourages them to write with confidence. Grammar and spelling skills lessons are used to explain key concepts and support them in achieving their English writing goals.


From Reception to Year 6, our students learn Maths through the scheme White Rose Maths. White Rose Maths is based on the Singaporean approach to teaching maths, but targeted towards achieving the UK National Curriculum overviews. The scheme uses proven tools and methods from Singapore Maths to develop a mastery of the subject at all levels. The programme focuses on CPA: visualising maths concepts using Concrete materials, illustrating them Pictorially, and finally completing Abstract problems. This is also the scheme used in St Mary’s UK (Preparatory School to Stonyhurst College), which allows us to work closely with our UK counterpart.

International Primary Curriculum

The IPC is a central element of our KS1 and KS2 curriculum. The students learn about a range of topics across the year that are carefully planned to cover the breadth of the primary curriculum in a cross-curricular way. Creating these links allows students to see topics as real world scenarios and understand the complex links between issues. A key focus is placed on evaluating students’ existing knowledge and focusing the teaching on where they would like the learning to go. Our Jesuit Pupil Profile is a key element in our learning here as students work towards their own personal goals as well as the curriculum targets they are set.


At Stonyhurst, we understand the importance of increasing students’ science capital through clearly illustrating the vital role science plays in our day to day lives. At times, this is by teaching Science directly through our IPC, drawing a clear link to the wider topic. At others, this involves discreetly exploring the skills and knowledge they need to complete the British National Science curriculum. 

Our well-equipped Science lab is available to facilitate students in their practical understanding and further their passion for the subject. Furthermore, our Year 6 pupils have the opportunity to directly learn from our Senior School Science teachers as they prepare them for their future learning and see their potential as scientists!


ICT is incorporated into all aspects of learning across the curriculum. State of the art interactive panels are placed in all classrooms and 1:1 devices are available from Year 2 upwards. Not only does this provide the technological resources our students need for the modern world, but it also allows us to meet our intentional limiting of wasteful paper resources wherever necessary. 

Programming plays a central role across all year groups. This starts in our Early Years with the introduction of programmable toys and is later explored through the students’ discreet ICT lessons, which are taught by a specialist teacher across KS2.

Creative Arts

Music, Art and Drama are all key elements of our curriculum. They are often closely linked to our IPC and English lessons as they help the students to express themselves. With close links between children who excel creatively and those who excel in the sciences, our focus is on ensuring that creative subjects are given as much value by our community as those traditionally seen as academically rigorous. Music has a specialist teacher throughout the entire Junior School, with Art and Drama specialists taking over from KS2. Our well-equipped auditorium provides students with the opportunity to gain confidence, perform to large audiences and create memorable experiences.

PE and Swimming

PE and Swimming lessons are taught by specialist teachers throughout every pupil’s time at Junior School. They play a vital role within the School day and pupils learn key life skills, both related directly to their sports, teamwork and the spirit of competition. Students are further encouraged to develop their love of sport through our co-curricular activities.


French, Mandarin and Bahasa are the languages across KS1 and KS2. With specialist teachers ensuring each language is taught at the highest level, our students learn key language skills that provide them with opportunities in the international workplace and as global citizens.


Wellbeing is of the utmost importance at Stonyhurst. Through the teaching of all subjects, we ensure that student wellbeing is considered and our school values are reflected. In addition, opportunities for discreetly taught Wellbeing lessons may be taken each week. These sessions focus on the traditional PSHE topics as well as extending out into meaningful discussions through Philosophy 4 Children and from Key Stage 2, our bespoke Stonyhurst Coaching programme.