Last week seven Rudiments pupils (year 8) participated in the Global Christmas Prayer Link.  This was facilitated by Ciara Beuster for Educate Magis in Galway, Ireland; the on line platform for Jesuit schools around the world.

Elliot, Daisy, Rodrigo, Tom, Katie, Emma and Magnus connected with four Jesuit schools in Spain and one in India: Jesuites Casp – Sagrat Cor de Jesús, Barcelona, Jesuites Gracia – Collegi Kostka Barcelona, Colegio Santa Maria del Mar, A Coruña, S, Nuestra Señora de Montesión, Palma de Mallora and St. Mary’s I.C.S.E, Mumbai, India.

The children took part in a wonderful celebration, sharing their traditions, wishes, prayers and songs.  It was 9am in the UK, 10am in Spain and 2.30pm in Mumbai.  We gave a little of the history of our school, its curriculum, sports and life as a boarder.  Elliot, Rodrigo and Daisy wrote a prayer which we shared with the other schools and together SMH pupils sang the English Christmas folk song “We wish you a merry Christmas” with Katie explaining the origin of the song and “figgy pudding”!  Jesuites Gracia (Barcelona) sang Silent Night in Catalan, Spanish and English and read a poem about caring for our planet.  The pupils in Mallorca sang “The colours of Christmas” in Spanish.

This link follows the one from last December with Ireland, Nepal and Poland as well as our Upper Elements (year 6) connection with a Jesuit school in Colombia in September.  “Connected Classrooms” are planned in the new year with Colombia again and Mexico to learn about volcanoes and earthquakes respectively.  We are also exploring a link with a Jesuit school in Germany for a German language class.