Mr. Daniel Husbands moved away from full-time professional acting in 2011 and has been coaching, teaching, and inspiring students ever since. He joined Stonyhurst Penang from The Gregg School, a highly successful Independent day school in the South of England, where he was also the Head of Drama. He graduated from Southampton Solent University with a BA Hons in Media and Cultural Studies and was awarded his PGCE from Southampton University.  

Acting is his passion, both as an art form and as a craft, but more importantly, as a tool for helping young people find their own unique voice. He believes that Drama can change and enrich lives, and that it can develop and nurture genuine confidence and self-belief, even in the most nervous of students…as well as those with any additional needs. His experience as a professional actor also allows him to teach, motivate and challenge even the most aspiring and ambitious of Drama students. He states that working alongside so many fantastic and experienced actors, directors, and writers has been invaluable to his growth as a performer, a man, and most definitely as a teacher and he thrives on being able to pass this knowledge on in some way, every day, to his students.  

Mr Husbands is also an avid sportsman and a keen cricketer who loves the great outdoors, swimming, cycling, playing the guitar and yoga.