I’m Dharisheenee Maniam (Shinee), an EAL teacher in senior school Stonyhurst, Penang. I’m from Penang, Malaysia. I studied a Bachelor of Education (HONS) majoring in English Language and Literature in Universiti Tun Abdul Razak, Penang which is when I fell in love with teaching English and I have been doing it ever since. Because of several years of working experience in language centres, I was keen to pursue my higher studies. With determination and being ambitious, I successfully graduated with a Masters Degree
Specialisation in English Language Teaching from Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM).

I’m thrilled to say that this is my eleventh year of teaching EAL. Being an EAL teacher, I have a great interest in supporting students in need, how they communicate and how they learn English as their additional language. For the past few years, I have taught EAL for young learners up to working adults from various countries mainly from Korea, Japan, China and Saudi in several language centres, such as ELS Language Centre, English Language Enrichment Centre (ELEC) and Cambridge English for Life (CEFL). Besides, I was a vice principal and preschool teacher for three years in Sarjana Jaya Kindergarten, Penang. My favourite thing about teaching kindergarten is the children! They have such enthusiasm for life and learning. My classroom was a bright and cheery place with laughter and learning happening every day. Adding to my teaching passion, I was also a part time home tutor guiding and tutoring students from international school, both primary and secondary to excel in their English and had successfully shown tremendous results within a short period of time in order to achieve their schools’ EAL criterias. Before joining Stonyhurst Penang, I was teaching (ESL) to secondary students in Universal Hua Xia International School, Penang.

I am a cheerful and kind person with an education background who has a heart for students and a passion for teaching and seeing them grow into wholesome, well-rounded,
and skilled individuals. I believe that all students are capable of learning and I hope to make a difference in the lives of all my students. I love reading, everything and
anything, but also a lot of fantasy. I love travelling, and my favourite part about travelling is learning about different cultures and trying new cuisines.