Corinna Williams is a Year 4 teacher here at Stonyhurst Penang. She has moved from Stonyhurst, UK with her family and the Stonyhurst name holds a special place in her heart as not only did she teach there for 6 years, but she was also a pupil there too until she was 18. Stonyhurst helped guide her through her own academic, sporting, creative, spiritual and emotional journey. She is truly excited at the prospect of helping the children here through their journey as they grow to be men and women for others. 

For as long as she can remember, she has always wanted to be a teacher, but she also always loved learning languages, finding out about different cultures and visiting different places. Therefore she did a degree in French and Spanish before gaining her PGCE qualification to teach. Before becoming a teacher, she spent many summers leading co-curricular activities at the Stonyhurst Summer Language School with pupils from around the globe. Additionally, she lived in Spain as an au pair and English language teacher.

She believes every child is capable of greatness and values each individual in her class by taking the time to build strong relationships with them as well as their parents. Within the classroom, I nurture a culture of respect, empathy, and kindness, where students feel safe to explore their interests and take risks in their learning journey so that everyone can achieve their full potential. 

When not in the classroom, Corinna likes to spend time with her husband and little girl, Florence. They enjoy exploring, trying new foods, baking, doing art activities as well as going swimming. She also enjoys keeping active and playing sports such as badminton and tennis.