Dalvinder graduated from Universiti Tunku Abdul Razak, Malaysia, with a Bachelor of Education degree. She embarked on her teaching journey at Pin Hwa High School, dedicating 3 years to teaching senior-level students. During this time, she was appointed as a UEC examination marker. Subsequently, she transitioned to SriKL International School, where she assumed the role of a Math and Science teacher. Known for her dynamic teaching style and ability to form personal connections with students, her classes were characterized as both challenging and engaging, making learning a fun experience. While at SriKL, they were entrusted with the role of sports housemaster, devoting her time to training students and instilling values of good sportsmanship and teamwork for success. Additionally, she organised and led various extracurricular clubs, further strengthening her relationship with students.

Following Dalvinder’s tenure at SriKL, she joined Nobel International School as a secondary Math teacher. Her primary focus remained on understanding students’ weaknesses and collaborating with them to address these areas. They consistently encouraged her students to think critically.

Outside of the classroom, Dalvinder has a passion for playing musical instruments and dancing. Her enthusiastic contributions to the art department have left a lasting impact, and she values all the lessons she has learned throughout her teaching career thus far.