Lucy Vale originally hails from the UK. Lucy holds BA (Hons) and MA degrees in early education. She boasts a wealth of international teaching experience in outstanding schools, with her teaching journey taking her from England to Dubai, Thailand, and now Malaysia. Lucy has successfully led teams to achieve platinum awards from the NDNA and has collaborated with the KHDA Abundance Project to inspect and promote the UK EYFS curriculum.

Lucy brings a global perspective to her classroom, celebrating cultural diversity and fostering an environment where her students embrace different perspectives. Her commitment to excellence, combined with her compassionate nature, creates a nurturing and inclusive learning atmosphere for her young learners. Her infectious enthusiasm for teaching shines through in captivating lessons and hands-on activities that ignite curiosity and promote development.

Recognizing the unique needs of each child, Lucy dedicates time to build strong relationships with both her students and their parents. She firmly believes in the power of play-based learning and employs creative approaches to make education a fun and interactive experience. With patience and understanding, Lucy assists her students in establishing a solid foundation for their future academic journey while instilling in them a love for learning and exploration.

Outside of school, Lucy has a passion for travel and has been fortunate to explore over 40+ countries, often accompanied by her husband and young daughter. During the week, she maintains an active and healthy lifestyle, frequently engaging in activities like spinning, swimming, and yoga. Lucy is immensely excited about the year ahead.