Yvonne Augustin is excited to join the Stonyhurst community. She holds a BSc in Psychology and Communications from Upper Iowa University, along with her PGDT. Yvonne is a passionate educator deeply committed to creating a positive and enriching learning environment. Her primary focus is on supporting students in their academic growth while also nurturing their emotional and mental well-being.

Yvonne brings a wealth of experience in delivering targeted interventions within small group settings, covering a wide range of subjects including Phonics, Maths, Reading, and social skills. She possesses over a decade of experience working with neurodiverse students and those requiring learning support and EAL. Her experience spans both local and international schools. Yvonne firmly believes in establishing safe and encouraging environments for students to explore, feel valued for their individuality, and strives to help them achieve their fullest potential.

Outside of school, Yvonne has a passion for travel, enjoys meeting new people, and cherishes the firsthand experience of different cultures. She eagerly anticipates meeting everyone in the Stonyhurst community!