Ms Bryony Pollock is an experienced International educator with 15 years spent at schools in the UK and Hong Kong. Bryony gained her degree in Fine Art and her Post Graduate qualification in Education in her native Scotland before moving to Asia to teach Visual Arts in an IB world school.

Throughout her career, she has maintained a strong pastoral focus on the whole child providing safe learning environments that support risk-taking and invite the sharing of ideas. This has been the foundation for her teaching approach; with the teacher acting as a guide, allowing the child’s natural curiosity to direct learning, and promoting respect for all things and all people.

One of Bryony’s passions in education is curriculum design. She uses her abilities in this area to provide her students with units which are meaningful and relevant to their own interests, developing intrinsic motivation and stimulating a passion for learning. 

Bryony believes that teaching is an opportunity for continual learning and growth and hopes to instill the same love of learning in her students at Stonyhurst Penang.