Jessicca Xavier will be serving as a Nursery Teacher in the EYFS department. Jessicca earned her Diploma in Early Childhood from SEGi College Penang, and immediately after, she pursued her degree at the University of Greenwich. In 2021, she successfully completed her Bachelor’s degree in Early Years Education.

Her career journey began at Universal Hua Xia International, where she started as an intern and gradually progressed to the position of a Teacher. Between 2018 and 2021, Jessicca worked as a Toddler, Nursery, and Reception class teacher. During her time at Hua Xia, she gained experience in implementing the EYFS Curriculum and Nature-based learning, even conducting activities under the shade of trees. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, the school permanently closed, leading her to join the Whytehouse Education Group, a private kindergarten. At Whytehouse, Jessicca had the opportunity to teach the national curriculum blended with Whytehouse Education’s Play-based curriculum. She also learned to incorporate real-world experiences into lessons and embraced the concept of outdoor classrooms. Although her time with Whytehouse was only 10 months, it was a memorable experience. In September 2022, she joined Stonyhurts as a Learning Assistant and is now a Nursery Teacher.

Jessicca has a deep passion for working with children. She enjoys engaging in creative activities, role-plays, and various interactive exercises that help children discover their inner selves. Witnessing each child blossom into their unique selves brings her immense joy, inspiring her to infuse creativity and enthusiasm into the classroom. Her recipe for a fun-filled classroom includes a jar of creativity, cups of guidance, and a dash of craziness.

On a personal note, Jessicca is an avid fan of anime and games. She is particularly passionate about ‘One Piece’ and has been a dedicated follower since her childhood. In her free time, she enjoys playing RPG games and favors book genres like dark fantasy, horror, and adventure, indulging in reading whenever she finds a moment of leisure.