Joycelyn Lim graduated from Taylor’s University, Kuala Lumpur, with a Bachelor of Education (BEd Hons) in Elementary Education and Teaching. During her studies, she actively volunteered as a seasonal teacher, participating in community outreach initiatives, particularly among underprivileged and refugee communities. This experience enriched her passion for education.

Following the completion of her internship program at Gardens International School (GIS), Kuala Lumpur, Joycelyn embarked on a career as a personal tutor for children from Korean families. Her role primarily involved providing tailored support by creating and adapting personalized resources for each child. Subsequently, she assumed the position of a full-time Bahasa Melayu teacher, instructing children from Year 2 to Year 6, as well as an English teacher using the English Cambridge Curriculum syllabus.

Before commencing her role as a Learning Assistant at Stonyhurst International School, Penang, Joycelyn briefly worked as an Early Years Shadow Aide. In this capacity, she provided additional support throughout the school day, addressing both academic and psychological aspects for students with special educational needs (SEN). This experience sparked her interest in working with KS1 and embarking on a lifelong learning journey to create a more inclusive learning environment for all children.

Joycelyn firmly believes in the positive impact of fostering and nurturing strong relationships with children through education. She aims to serve as a vessel of affirmation and assurance in supporting them throughout their learning journey.

As a proud Penangite, she has an appreciation for local cuisine, particularly a satisfying bowl of Hokkien Mee and the classic toast with butter and kaya. In her leisure time, she enjoys watching movies with her family and caring for the plants around her house.