Mr. Richard Moore, a distinguished educator with over three decades of experience, has passionately dedicated himself to shaping the world of education across the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, and Egypt. Alongside his remarkable professional journey, Richard is a loving family man, being the proud father of four children.

He holds a Bachelor of Education degree and is currently pursuing his Master of Arts in Educational Leadership and Management, embodying a lifelong commitment to personal and academic growth.

Richard’s decision to join Stonyhurst Penang is not just a career move; it’s a deeply personal commitment. He firmly believes in Stonyhurst Penang’s potential to offer a world-class education and considers it a profound privilege to contribute to this burgeoning institution.

Central to Richard’s educational philosophy is the belief that each child is unique and deserves an educational environment that nurtures their physical, mental, emotional, and social development. With a relentless dedication, he aspires to foster such an atmosphere at Stonyhurst Penang, enabling students to reach their full potential and thrive as individuals. As a dedicated educator and a devoted father, Richard is uniquely positioned to guide students towards a brighter future.