Ms Rinosa is a Penangite who graduated from Universiti Tun Abdul Razak with a Bachelor of Education (Hons) in Language and Literature. She joined Stonyhurst Penang as pioneer member of staff in 2022 and works as Malay Teacher in both Junior and Senior Schools.

Ms Rinosa has a decade of teaching experience in different international schools. Started as Teaching Assistant in Early Years and KS 1. Moving up to KS 2, she became the Malay Teacher, IPC Teacher and held the role as CCA Coordinator in primary school. Following this, Ms Rinosa transferred to Selangor after marriage and served as KS 2 Class Teacher and Whole school CCA Coordinator until pandemic hits the world. After the pandemic, Ms Rinosa expanded her teaching career into secondary school and taught IGCSE Malay in KS 3 and KS 4. As a result, the Malay Department collaborated with English, Chinese and French departments for ‘Idioms & Poetry Weeks’ and also organised Raya assemblies with parents’ association support for 3 consecutive days! 

As a proud Malaysian who is a trilingual (Malay, English & Tamil) speaker, believes that language is just not a means of communication but also a getaway to understanding and appreciating the multicultural backgrounds, traditions and values not only within SHP community but beyond. Since she has returned to hometown, she is eager to be a lifelong learner, continuously cultivating a thirst for knowledge and skills to serve her students in all key stages. 

Being an extrovert in daytime, Ms Rinosa enjoys travelling, catching up on overdue meetups with friends and gobbling up Amma’s home-cooked and ‘Jalan-Jalan, Cari Makan’ Malaysians street food without guilt. Despite being an outgoing person, the introverted side of Ms Rinosa enjoys doing yoga, spending time and growing together with her son@ “Pokemon”, binge watching deep genre movies/series and playing Tetris game which makes her feel at peace being home.