Lower Prep took part in an exciting Viking day on Monday as part of their IPC topic ‘Invaders and Settlers’. Pupils and staff came in dressed as Vikings and began the day with a Viking visitor who taught us a lot about life back then! Lower Prep acted out battles with shields and protection and looked at different artefacts, trying to guess what they were used. Pupils also discovered what everyday life was like living in a longhouse and discussed the particular design of the longships too.

In the afternoon, pupils learnt the history of archery and they had a go themselves; even having a go at aiming for an apple on top of Miss Atkinson’s head!

Back in the classroom, pupils designed and created their own colourful longship heads with serpents or dragons at the front to scare off the enemies. 

After a fun-filled and busy day, the class finished with a Viking feast that the wonderful chefs at St Mary’s Hall had cooked. Some of the dishes included stinging nettle and chickweed pancakes as well as pear gruel, all of which went down a treat!