Pastoral Care

Pastoral Excellence

The happiness and wellbeing of our students is a top priority. We want them to enjoy their time at Stonyhurst in a safe and nurturing environment, and we hope that they will look back fondly upon the many memories they will make here. The structure we have put in place for pastoral care is designed to ensure that each student feels emotionally secure and knows who to turn to should they need that little bit of extra support. 

At Stonyhurst, we develop strong links with our students’ families, and we encourage parents to be closely involved with us.

Cura Personalis

One of the central tenets of a Stonyhurst education is cura personalis, a Latin phrase that means ‘care for the entire person’. Whether it’s reflected in personalised learning or a continual focus on student wellbeing, cura personalis is borne out in all aspects of a student’s life.


As an intrinsic aspect of our Jesuit tradition, Sympatheia will feature as a predominant part of a student's education in Stonyhurst International School. Sympatheia is the vehicle which ensures our students’ academic development is brought to life, where they can apply the things they have learnt in the classroom to the real world in order to solve an authentic issue which matters to them.

The Sympatheia programme enables our Senior School students investigate and interact with the world beyond the classroom, and in doing so gives them the vital experience of utilising their knowledge and experience, their creativity, innovation, critical thinking, communication and leadership to tackle a problem - and then see the actual effects of their input and action in establishing real world change.

Line system

The Line system is the pillar of the school that builds a sense of community, connection, belonging and school pride through tutor groups, competition and Sympatheia. There are four Lines in Stonyhurst.


Line named after St Edmund Campion, the most venerated English Catholic Jesuit Priest and martyr.

St Omers

Line named after the college founded by Father Robert Parsons in 1592 for English boys who were unable to receive a Catholic education. This college ultimately returned to England as Stonyhurst College.


Line named after Shireburn Manor, which is the oldest portion of the Stonyhurst estate.

Shireburn Manor was built by Richard Shireburn, a descendant of the original owners of the estate, the de Bayley family,


Line named after Thomas Weld, a student of St Omers College, who inherited the Stonyhurst Estate from the Shireburn family and donated it to the Jesuits in 1794.

His grandson, Frederick Weld, studied at Stonyhurst and later became the Governor of the Straits Settlements of Penang, Malacca and Singapore in 1880.


Discernment and Reflection MAGIS (Secondary School)

• Mindfulness
• Appreciation
• Gratitude
• Introspection
• Spirituality

RISE (Junior School)

• Review the Day
• Identify a Moment of Gratitude
• Spirituality
• Emotions

Peer Coaching

Our leadership programme instils empathy, independence and responsibility from a young age. With the opportunity to mentor fellow students and hold each other accountable, they learn to set clear goals and achieve them with the help of a strong support system.

Child protection and safeguarding

We are committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of our students. The school expects all staff, volunteers, students and visitors to our school to share and uphold this commitment.

Advisory and Counselling Services

Throughout their time at Stonyhurst, our pupils have access to the very best counselling and advisory services. Whether emotional or academic, our dedicated team of experts offer support at every step of the way, giving students the confidence to reach out when in need.

We are committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of our students.

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